15th Special Anniversary Edition

“Someone is murdering the old retired mobsters of Las Vegas and the Mayor is the Number #1 Suspect!” First printed in 2008, and becoming an award-winning best seller, this thriller about Sin City is brought back by popular demand with a new Quest Mystery treasure hunt, where the Questor who finds the hidden pirate coin gains $2,500 and maybe more. [See Treasure Hunt – Quest Mystery]

Looking for love on all the wrong beaches…

ALL SHE WANTED-A QUIET BEACH WHERE SHE COULD GO TOPLESS–NOT TO BE. Videographer Madison Merlot Dayne arrived on the Big Island to shoot the HDTV of her culinary father’s popular television show, “Insatiable Delights”. From her arrival on, Madison and her father are caught up trying to discover who may have poisoned a revered Hawaiian singing star. “This novel reads like Janet Evanovich morphing into Rachel Ray while filming a remake of the ‘Perils of Pauline’.”–author Anne Hillerman Coming December 2020. Pre-Order today at HistriaBooks.com

Finalist in Franklin Book Awards. Now available in paperback and Ebook.

Lafayette —5 out of 5 Stars Review on Amazon

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