2018 – The Stephen P. Grogan Papers became part of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas–University Libraries-Special Collections and Archives. ID MS-00867 The Collection comprised Mr. Grogan’s personal papers consisting of 34 boxes, 2 oversized folders, 1 slot machine–and covers the dates beginning in the 1970s through current activities. The timeline covers his career working in the gaming industry in Colorado and Las Vegas; the collection also documents Grogan’s business ventures in Colorado, as well as his writing career, including drafts and final product of Grogan’s novels and plays. The collection is open for research. Please contact UNLV Special Collections & Archives website for additional information.

January 2019 – Histria LLC, an academic publisher, dba as, signed an agreement to purchase all assets of Mr. Grogan’s publishing company, Addison & Highsmith. Within this sale, Histria acquired the rights to all the titles of author S.P. Grogan’s works with the provision that over the next several years they would reprint all past fiction titles. Addison & Highsmith has since become an imprint of Histria focusing on fiction works. The following titles are: Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive published hardback in November 2020, and as softcover paperback in August, 2020; Vegas Die, a Quest Mystery to be released Sept. 15, 2020; Captain Cooked, to be released in December, 2020. In 2021, Histria has stated their intention to release: Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge and an international thriller, originally, With Revenge Comes Terror, to be renamed. In July, 2020, Histria Books signed a publishing contract with Pamela Kure Grogan and S.P. Grogan to publish a previously written manuscript on Ms. Grogan’s personal culinary library collection of over 3,000 cook books. Currently titled: “My Cookbook Passion” the book will follow the food taste evolution beginning in the 1920s, to modern times including stories and recipes of the times. The book is anticipated to be released in the holiday season of 2021.