Spectrum Gaming Group

As of November 1st, 2020 and with great enthusiasm I have become associated with Spectrum Gaming Group to open their first Las Vegas office and serve as Vice President of Corporate Development.  Spectrum is one of the top, if not the most comprehensive gaming-oriented consulting company in the world. My goal is to expand Spectrum brand and services actively into the Western U.S. gaming community. See ‘Business Consulting‘ for more Spectrum information and contact me at sgrogan@spectrumgaming.com

Spectrum Gaming Capital, LLC

Need to raise early stage capital or require mid-market investment banking services, Spectrum Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm. Contact me for more information and to discuss your corporate financial growth needs.

Navegante Growth Technologies

On non gaming consulting projects I will continue as President of Navegante Growth Technologies which is a 5 year old incubator-innovation company– business consulting to assist inventors, small businesses, corporations of all sizes to deal with all issues of management, financing, venture capital, and marketing. I have had over 30 years as executive officer in a variety of companies that gives him an insight on how to make your company more profitable. My current focus is on helping companies succeed in the post – pandemic world.
Contact us today for a free discussion of your needs, and how we might help.
Grogan.sp@gmail.com See ‘Business Consulting

Kitchen a’ Stir

Pamela Kure Grogan runs the Kitchen a’Stir operations which highlights her 25 years working in the culinary industry as a store manager for Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. Her current talent is specializing in Old World and Eastern European baked goods. Visit her Facebook page and sign up to learn more information.  https://www.facebook.com/kitchenastir/
And buy some of her famous Potica dessert rolls!

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Quest Mystery

Hidden within the words of a SP Grogan historical fiction thriller are clues that will lead the reader to a hidden treasure worth a cash prize.
The first Quest Mystery was released in 2008 as Vegas Die.  Recently Histria Books has signed a major deal with the author to reprint his entire 5 novels, two of them Quest Mystery, released this year:
Vegas Die — Was released September 15th for a $2,500 cash prize to find the pirate-era Spanish coin.
Captain Cooked – To be released this holiday season as a softcover.
Buy now Vegas Die, the 15th Anniversary Edition with new clues to a new hunt and become a ‘Questor’.
Read Treasure Hunt — Rules & Regs.  Good Luck

Join the Quest: Discover the Pirate Coin