Treasure Hunt

Quest Mystery

I have set my life upon a cast

                              And I will stand the hazard of the die

                                                Richard III, Act V, Scene 4

Hidden within the words of a SP Grogan historical fiction thriller are clues that will lead the reader to a hidden treasure worth a cash prize.
The first Quest Mystery was released in 2008 as Vegas Die.  Recently Histria Books has signed a major deal with the author to reprint his entire 5 novels, two of them Quest Mystery, released this year:
Vegas Die — September 15th for a $2,500 cash prize to find the pirate-era Spanish coin.
Captain Cooked – To be released this holiday season.
Buy now Vegas Die, the 15th Anniversary Edition with new clues to a new hunt and become a ‘Questor’.

Rules & Regs for Vegas Die—15th Anniversary Edition

Welcome. Thanks for becoming a Questor. And best of luck to you.

To begin with, you must buy ‘Vegas Die’ (2020) the 15th Anniversary Edition. The ebook will not be released until late October and it should also have all clues contained within and posted.

 My idea on this New and Improved Quest Mystery hunt is to introduce you to Las Vegas and seek your return to a very exciting town.

There is one main prize, and that is finding the Spanish coin, yet there are several mini hunts—all interwoven.  When found you redeem the coin for $2,500 (see #9).  More details to proceed as the hunt begins and clues begin to unwind.  This time we would like you to register if you are participating in the hunt, so we can create a database for fans and be able to notify you on any clue changes/additions and/or other future hunts.  We do not distribute your name/address to any third party vendor. We want to create a Quest Mystery community for the betterment of all. Email us your contact info. Send your name and info:

  1.  Above all, there are no clues at the author’s house or on the curb.
  2. The treasure hunt will last 3 years from Sept. 1st 2020 or until someone discovers the coin
  3. The main prize (the coin) is not visible. Important word: ‘Perimeter’.
  4. No clue is within a building, near buildings (or open land), yes.
  5. Armchair Questors (AQues) are welcome, and you may guess by email (no phone calls), but it has to be to a specific location (not ‘it’s in a casino’, but more or less ‘it is in the flower planter to the right of the bar’.   AQues should make friends and partnerships with local citizens in the on-foot search. Better yet come to Vegas!
  6. The Prize is located somewhere within the Vegas Valley, but in a wider area including the West side of Lake Mead, NE out as far as LV Speedway, south to Primm (Stateline) and  North  and west to Red Rocks and Mt. Charleston.
  7. The author is the only one who knows where the Prize is, and his decisions on issues are final.  He may add additional clues as he feels appropriate.  He is not required to answer every query.
  8. If you discover the ‘coin’ and are qualified as the winner, you will receive the cash prize. You may also opt to keep the coin as a remembrance to your achievement for overcoming all odds.
  9. A portion of book sales, after 500 books are sold, will go into a Prize Pool, to increase the main prize valuation, as well as smaller percentage (if it is decided) for the mini hunts.  It has to be stressed the Prize Pool is dependent on increased book sales. So, it is important Questors assist in touting book sales for your own benefit.  Some buyers might just want to read the book and not join the search.    The mini hunts will start with a $50 base prize each to the first discoverer. Each discoverer, and there could be many, of the mini hunts will get a free clue.
  10. More rules might be added at any time so please refer to the website on a regular basis.

Clue:  Red, Black, Green.  Nothing is as it seems….but still float any trial balloon of a guess you wish, who knows?                

You Tube Interview 8.17.20 with — an authorized Questor Hunt Fact-News Site You can visit and exchange info with these Treasure Hunters and even buy Vegas Die directly from them. …$33 includes shipping. Contact: — payment info — 

We welcome any Questor who wants to play an active role. Contact us.

Vegas Die excerpt:

The knife slipped effortless from its silver sheath, glinting, blinding in the sunlight. The blade flashed razor sharp. Thrusting the dagger toward the old man, swiping the air in unknown magical designs, his captor spewed out words in lava-slow guttural anger.

            “What the hell I want–is you to feel what my hell has been like!”              A past of ignoble deeds had prepared the old man his entire adult life for just such a moment, to be ready to accept without fear his own death. He steeled himself to handle the swift, merciful bullet, having always expected in all his years that gunshots by perpetrators unknown would be the impetus of his obituary. Not like this. Before the first slice, he prayed for the sudden heart attack he had always prayed not to have. At each incision of pain his captor told the story of why he was going to die. As his flesh parted in delicate butterfly flaying, his eyes widened in recognition of the tale and he started begging for his life, realizing all the while his sin weighed too great for earthly forgiveness.     

The hidden coin worth $2,500


9.1.20 Hello! I am super excited to become a Questor! I live in NV and I am a married mom to 5 kiddos. I joined the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt in 2018 as a way to handle PTSD and anxiety after surviving the Route 91 mass shooting. It made me focus on brainstorming and critical thinking and not what we went through. My oldest son who is now 16 has been my treasure hunting partner. I love treasure hunting, it’s fun and very reminiscent of the Goonies!   — Marvel Mom

The fashion for clue hiding– though none at this addressbut a red fish

9.6.20 Six Questions Forum by Author at Mysterious Writings


CZ I jumped on your first Quest Mystery in 2008 when I bought your book from you at the airport. I bought the second version of the first book in 2010. And now I have the newest Vegas Die book

DM I love treasure hunts! Trying to match wits against someone such as yourself is probably 3/4s of the fun. I just love the notion of having a fair shot at cracking a mystery that ends in a prize. The prize could be a Cracker Jack prize for all I care.  it’s all about that adrenalin rush that comes with each and every “Ah Ha” moment! So thank you for the challenge Mr. Grogan…..I’m looking forward to my trip to Vegas. 

Mini hunt clues found as of this date:  1 black, 1 red fish

Public Interview scheduled on 29th of Sept. Details to follow.

9.15 Publisher’s press release: