Here we are offering unique ‘out of the attic’ estate sale objects d’art where we have no room in our new home. You might find a deal. Go to Ebay. See other great listings.

Rare signed cookbook
Signed First Edition by Truman Capote

“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. Three Capote signatures: signed first edition, signed Life Magazine cover framed with opening paragraph of novel signed. Rare collectible $2,199. Ebay

In the Kitchen with Love” by Sophia Loren. First Edition, Signed by Loren $995 Ebay

Buy S. P. Grogan books. Contact: publisher,, Barnes & Noble. Order through your favorite bookstore.

Available now:

Coming of age story

Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive, hard cover & softcover & ebook. $8.99 -$24.99 $9.99-$36.04

Nothing Is As It Seems

Vegas Die, a Quest Mystery hard cover -order now, release September 15th. Histria $24.99 $34.99

Looking for love on all the wrong beaches…

Captain Cooked, hard cover – order now for Holiday shopping release Pre-Order only $27.99

SIGNED COPIES: If you want the author to personally sign or inscribe your purchased book you must buy through with a notation of what you want written

Collecting the Works of S.P. Grogan

With the sale of Addison & Highsmith Publishers to Histria Books, the early published books of S.P. Grogan were removed from all selling platforms in anticipation of the ‘new and improved’ reprinting of all of the author’s past works. And with the interest and demand of the new release of ‘Vegas Die’ most Grogan authored books have disappeared from the public marketplace.  ‘Out-of—print’ works have started to increase in value .   Perhaps starting a collection of signed S.P. Grogan works might be a good long term investment.  Look to and – After buying always put dust covers in protective mylar coverings.

2008 –With a new Quest Mystery Vegas Die 2020 upcoming, copies of Vegas Die have disappeared.   Values range from $32 – $52.

2010 —Captain Cooked sold strongly in Hawai’i. Look to used book stores there.  $20

2014 — Atomic Dreams in the Red Tiki Lounge–  again Hawai’i based of post World War II events.


2016 — With Revenge Comes Terror probably the hardest novel to locate.  Price not established.

2018 – Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive most recent, look for lovers on the light blue-brown cover with Versailles palace in background  $30-$60

Posters for Sale

2010 Captain Cooked Poster
2008 Vegas Die Poster

2010 Captain Cooked Poster — appox. 11″x 17″, paper, signed by both author and cover artist, Brad ‘Tiki Shark’ Parker ….$29 plus $4 shipping

2008 Vegas Die Poster — approx. 11″ x 17″, thick paper, signed by both author and cover artist, Richard Jesse Watson ….$32 plus $4 shipping. Limited number available

CD & MP3 Available

Audio available at:

The 2008 audio still accurate to storyline but no 2020 clues