Pamela’s Library, foundation of ‘My Cookbook Passion’ planned anthology for 2021 Holiday Season

Kitchen a’ Stir Pamela Kure Grogan runs the Kitchen a’Stir operations which highlights her 25 years working in the culinary industry as a store manager for Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. Her current talent is specializing in Old World and Eastern European baked goods. Visit her Facebook page and sign up to learn more information.

And buy some of her famous Potica dessert rolls!
Pamela and SP have signed a contract with a publisher to produce an anthology of antique cookbooks with recipes/history featuring some of Pamela’s rare 3,000 volume cookbook library. The coffee table book is expected to be published for the holiday season of 2021. We will keep you informed and tease you with excerpts over the next several months.
Tentative book title:  “My Cookbook Passion”

Review of Captain Cooked by blogger Kahakai Kitchen with book recipe

Alan Wong’s Whole Tomato & Japanese Cucumber Salad with Li Hing Mui Vinaigrette for Local Foodie Mystery: “Captain Cooked”

Li Hing Mui Vinaigrette

1 whole egg

2 tablespoons Ume paste

2 tablespoons Li Hing Mui Powder

1/4 cup rice vinegar

1 cup salad oil

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Place all the ingredients except the oil and lemon juice in a mixing bowl.  With hand-held immersion blender on medium speed, slowly add the oil in a steady stream to create an emulsion. Continue until all oil is incorporated. Finish with lemon juice. Chill until ready to use.  [we are using a recipe different from the book…author]

 Place ingredients in blender, combining, adding in salad oil until smooth.

Blanched Tomato & Japanese Cucumber Salad (One Serving)
2.0 ounces Japanese Cucumber 8.5 ounces Red Tomato, skinless

.5 ounces Basil Sprig
.25 ounces Chives
.25 ounces Kauaˈi Salt
2.0 ounces Li Hing Mui Ume Vinaigrette

Score the bottom of tomato with an X. In a saucepan of boiling water, blanch tomato for 10 seconds. Transfer to an ice bath. When cool, peel tomato skin, keeping the flesh smooth. Cut each tomato into 3 horizontal slices. Keep the slices of each tomato stacked together.

Slice the cucumber into thin slices: Arrange on salad plate in circular design. Place the tomato in middle of circle.
Pour the vinaigrette over the arrangement. Sprinkle salt (or Kosher salt) on top of tomato. Garnish tomato with basil sprig and chives.

Plot: Madison Merlot Dayne thought she was in for a week-long working vacation, shooting video and photographs for her celebrity chef father, Jeffery Dayne’s, television show “Insatiable Delights.” Hoping this gig would further her career and get her a job producing, while looking for some downtime on the beach–maybe topless, tropical drink in hand and with some island romance thrown in, she isn’t expecting to find herself caught up in mystery and possible murder. Right after their arrival on the island, a beloved local singer dies, (possibly poisoned?) after consuming the welcome lunch meant for Madison and her father, putting them smack in the middle of a lot of excitement and hoping to make it through the week alive. “Captain Cooked” by S.P. Grogan is a “Hawaiian Mystery of Romance, Revenge…and Recipes!” See Writing. See Store.

Looking for love on all the wrong beaches…

The book, Captain Cooked, is set on the Big Island, and is full of action with everything from local groups rioting over land rights, an earthquake, some dangerous lava flow, and more than a few “accidents” creating excitement as the crimes start piling up. Being foodies, Madison & Jeffrey take time to eat well all around the island as they go about solving the mysteries and getting material for the show. Madison even manages to work a little romance in with flirtations with three very different men–could any of them be involved? The book is more than a foodie mystery with descriptions of food–there are 25 recipes from some of the island’s most popular chefs sprinkled throughout the book.