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Navegante Growth Technologies is an incubator-innovation company, offering business consulting to assist inventors, small businesses, corporations to deal with all issues of management, financing, venture capital, and marketing.
SP Grogan has had over 30 years in a variety of companies that gives him an insight on how to make your operations more profitable. His current focus is on how to succeed in the post – pandemic world.
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Recent projects within the last two years include:

–Land Use-financial analysis of major proposed hotel-casino project

–Gaming License and management with Native American hotel-casino

–Consulting work with beverage company, LA actors studio, Superfoods company

–Ghost writing biography of legend Nevada businessman (for private family distribution)

–Creation of sales program to market AI software for marketing depts. to hold customer loyalty

–assisted new company with all infrastructure in start-up management including venture capital plan

Above all we take your ideas and turn them into success!

In Times of Virus

Anyone can showcase a blog focusing on their specific interests.  It is our own goal to talk business improvement and optimism to help businesses think positive as we enter a ‘post pandemic’ world.  We hope you would read our posts and feel free to comment.  Again, we are here to help you.