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For the killing of Osama bin Laden Islamic radical terrorists have devised a plot against America, worse than 9.11. It is a race against an explosive countdown to stop the plot. Follow this epic historical international political thriller, where the timeline is realistic to the times. Many Americans expect an attack at anytime by jihadist radical Islamic terrorists on U.S. soil which is causing many readers and intelligence agencies to consider the possibilities found in the 2016 political action thriller, “With Revenge comes Terror, a jihadist attack on America” by S.P. Grogan. Grogan’s “With Revenge comes Terror” tracks the historic rise of jihadist terrorists, the death of Osama bin Laden, and an al-Qaeda/ISIS revenge attack on America. What makes the mini-epic unique is how the terrorists create their battle plan consisting of multiple simultaneous attacks, similar to the recent European tragedies, and the various responses to try and stop the attacks, as seen through the eyes of the C.I.A., a terrorist leader, and even stars of a reality television show looking to improve their ratings. The cast of characters are certainly out of the ordinary. Multi-millionaires Hugh and Samantha are looking for something exciting to do and they decide to go hunting radical terrorists in revenge for 9/11; so why not buy a TV production company and use the bounty hunting television stars to help in this crusade? Wendell, is a CIA agent, being forced into early retirement, when he is told to babysit the American TV stars who wish to go to Pakistan and capture Osama bin Laden. And Khalaf, a jihadist courier to bin Laden, will be the only adult male to escape being killed by Navy SEALS in the bin Laden compound. He is now tasked to help al-Qaeda and ISIS leaders launch their planned plot against America, called Operation Crimson Scimitar.


A new genre: tiki noir. Action-history-romance-when reality moves to alternate reality. 1946 Honolulu. The goddess Pele needs a hero. But why did she choose an alcoholic, war wounded ex U.S. naval commander, Hunter Hopewell, to battle fire-breathing dragons and evil gods and save the world. Maybe, because he is changing...but changing into what. Meanwhile, attractive, young Tommi Chen, once a Japanese student and spy, now successful in the black market, but not what she seems, is seeking revenge and has decided to steal an atomic bomb...before it explodes. Award-winning author S. P. Grogan ( Vegas Die and Captain Cooked ) introduces the reader to a post World War II watering hole, the Red Tiki Lounge and Bar: a Pacific oasis of dreams and visions. Pop surrealist artist Brad Tiki Shark Parker offers up a colorful collection of his best-known works that captures the exotic world of tiki culture, and helps to bridge within Atomic Dreams a truly believable alternate reality. Russian spies and a baby Godzilla add excitement as well as interesting characters who are to become famous post world war, including Jimmy Michener, Julia McWilliams, Dutch Leonard, among others. Try to name them all -- quiz at back of book. Enjoy!


A new style and modern update to the old fashioned culinary mystery...not your Mother's cozy read. All she wanted-A quiet beach where she could go topless--Not happening! Captain Cooked is a foodie travel mystery featuring special recipes from the top chefs on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Videographer Madison Merlot Dayne arrived on the Big Island to shoot the HDTV of her culinary father's popular television food show. From her arrival on, Madison and her father are caught up trying to discover who may have poisoned a revered Hawaiian singing star. Her working vacation involves riots, suspicious accidents, earthquakes, flowing lava, dangerous Hawaiian war weapons--and a 'real cliffhanger'. Madison is likewise having men problems. She desires island romance but not prepared for three men in her the same time. And there is the mystery of the boiling cauldron. Will Madison get off the island alive?

Award Winner from the Hawaiˈi Publishers Association


Someone is killing the old mobsters of Las Vegas and the Mayor is the Number One Suspect. Best selling mystery thriller.. Owen McCombs and the Mayor try to solve the mobster murders, while ambitious homicide detective, Chastity Taggart, believes McCombs is the culprit. All the characters of Vegas running rampant: the buxom stripper, the nerdy card counter, super star twins, the Elvis Impersonator, The Graffiti Vigilante, and assorted corpses, immolated, shot, sliced and diced. In deadly play is the desperate hunt for $7 million in twice stolen jewelry. "The Ultimate Sin City Mystery" says one critic.

“Vegas Die” available in CD format, 13.9 hours. Books in Motion. Contact 1-800-752-3199 or

Award Winner – Best Regional Fiction

“Best Summertime read” – Las Vegas Review Journal