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Stephen P. Grogan Donates Papers to UNLV Special Collections and Archives

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Author S.P. Grogan touring the The Château de Chavaniac, birthplace of La Fayette, the fortified manor house of eighteen rooms furnished in the Louis XIII style located in Chavaniac-Lafayette, Haute-Loire, in Auvergne, France.

Stephen P. Grogan, president of Navegante Game Technologies, has donated an extensive collection of documents from his career in politics, casino gaming, project development, journalism, and writing to the UNLV University Libraries Special Collections and Archives.

The Stephen P. Grogan Papers includes 32 boxes of personal and literary papers; business and financial files; plans and proposals; publications; and casino memorabilia related to his gaming and casino businesses, personal life, and literary writing.

Grogan has spent the latter part of his career in casino gaming. In his current role as President of Navegante Game Technologies, he assists game inventors and developers. He founded The Grogan Casino Report in the 1990s, recently served as the chairman of the Las Vegas Arts Commission, and is a past-president of the historic Scotch Eighty Owners Association. He also is the author of the best-selling mystery Vegas Die and the culinary-thriller Captain Cooked, which won an award from the Hawai’i Book Publishers Association.

Before moving to Las Vegas, Grogan was active in the passage of Limited Stakes Gaming in Colorado, and served as the first Executive Director of the Colorado Gaming Owners Association. He has worked at several companies, including serving as president of Grogan Financial Services, which specialized in casino project development, president of the Colorado Investment Company, Inc., and was the first employee of Action Gaming, a casino game designer that invented ‘Triple Play Poker’ which today has more than 16,000 video poker machines across the U.S.

He began his career as a cub reporter for the Denver Post and help found the city’s first underground newspaper. He went into government service in the 1970s, spending eight years on the Denver Planning Board and was elected to serve a term on the Denver City Council.

Grogan graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colo., and attended Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., before returning to Colorado and graduating from the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus. He is the son of the late oil executive Doyle T. Grogan. He is married to Pamela Kure Grogan, and from previous marriage has two children, Ross Grogan and Holiday Goodreau.

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THE FIRST adventure-romance novel about the Marquis de La Fayette

PRESS RELEASE: 14 July, 2018

Lafayette: the novel

Courtier to Crown Fugitive, 1757-1777

by S.P. Grogan now available

online and at bookstores. ISBN: 978-0-9801164-9-6 400 pages $14.99 Softcover $9.99 eBook

Breathing life into mythology. The world knows the Hero of Two Worlds, Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, best known today as Lafayette. But author S.P. Grogan wants us to delve into Lafayette’s submersion into those major events in France during the 1760’s -1770’s which forged his character with the impassioned drive toward his ultimate goal: to be a victorious soldier bathed in glory.

This period of Lafayette’s early life, always vague with little historic facts, has been fleshed out beginning with Gilbert’s rural birth in the Auvergne hills to his 19th birthday as an active player in Queen Marie Antoinette’s dissolute clique.

Lafayette: the novel

Courtier to Crown Fugitive, 1757-1777 reveals the untold stories:

  • How La Fayette became the richest orphan in France, and those who plotted to control his fortune.
  • His betrothal to a 12 year old girl whose marriage would bring him into the most powerful military family in France.
  • Was Lafayette shrewd or naïve? To advance his own plans, he will purposefully offend the Royal family, and face destruction of his career.
  • Seeking the perfect mistress causes him to challenge his best friend to a duel.
  • How his membership in the FreeMasonry secret society educated him to be one of the first to espouse politically and publicly: liberté, égalité, fraternité.
  • And was La Fayette, merely a Soldier of Fortune and a minor footnote on the world stage, or was he the true spark that ignited the explosive war between France and England?
  • Follow his ‘confused’ flight against a Royal arrest warrant to fight for the American Colonies.

Read S. P. Grogan’s other romance mysteries and historical novels: Vegas Die (mobsters), Captain Cooked (Hawaiian royalty), With Revenge Comes Terror (al Qaeda terrorists), and Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge (World War 2 fantasy)

For more Lafayette information and author signing events and book tours visit or contact author: Book available to authorized reviewers.

Author Quotes:

“In my historic research,” explained author Grogan, “I was surprised to discover the central question becomes: was the Marquis de La Fayette a romantic adventurer or an ambitious cad? This is the mystery that readers must decide for themselves.”

“My goal”, said Grogan, “is to present a modern character study of Lafayette’s growth into the hero that Americans finally saw in him. Most historians accept without question what Lafayette himself wrote about his early youth and quickly move on to his time in the American Revolution. Yet, what was going on in France in the 1770’s was both fascinating in the terms of undercurrent turmoil amidst the Age of Enlightenment.”

“I believe my novel may show that historical fiction is more accurate to the times than the mythology created by historians who deal with limited facts. I seek to tie the loose ends of past guess work into acceptable reasoning of what might have occurred.”