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Who can stop the plot to destroy America?

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Addison & Highsmith Publishers

January 1, 2016

New Terrorist Thriller Pictures Horrifying ISIS-type Attack in the U.S.

Is this novel an early warning?

With Revenge comes Terror—

a jihadist attack on America
by S. P. Grogan
ISBN: 978-0-9801164-7-2 Many Americans expect an attack at anytime by jihadist radical Islamic terrorists on U.S. soil which is causing many readers and intelligence agencies to consider the possibilities found in the 2016 political action thriller, “With Revenge comes Terror, a jihadist attack on America” by S.P. Grogan.

Grogan’s “With Revenge comes Terror” tracks the historic rise of jihadist terrorists, the death of Osama bin Laden, and a revenge attack on America. What makes the mini-epic unique is how the terrorists create their battle plan consisting of multiple simultaneous attacks, similar to the recent Paris tragedy, and the various responses to try and stop the attacks, as seen through the eyes of the C.I.A., a terrorist leader, and even stars of a reality television show looking to improve their ratings.

“When I first wrote the novel,” explained author Grogan, “I focused on the revenge of terrorists for the Osama bin Laden killing, but the story line is today interchangeable from the al-Qaeda caliphate to ISIS (ISIL-Daesh Caliphate). In fact, I believe in the U.S. we need to be prepared against al-Qaeda which has been quiet in the world’s eyes and may seek to new recognition to replenish their recruiting and fund-raising. Keep in mind, ISIS was originally al-Qaeda Iraq and al-Qaeda has already attacked the U.S. on 9/11/2001, and ISIS has not yet made their American attempt. But, even that can change by such lone wolf attacks as we have so sadly seen in Paris.”

Plot Outline: Multimillionaires Hugh and Samantha are looking for something exciting to do and they decide to go hunting radical terrorists in revenge for 9/11; so why not buy a TV production company and use the bounty hunting television stars to help in this crusade? Wendell, is a CIA agent, being forced into early retirement, when he is told to babysit the American TV stars who wish to go to Pakistan and capture Osama bin Laden. And Khalaf, a jihadist courier to bin Laden, will be the only adult male to escape being killed by Navy SEALS in the bin Laden compound. He is now tasked to help al-Qaeda and ISIS leaders launch their planned plots against America, Operation Crimson Scimitar. These are only a few thriller what-ifs to be found in the mini-epic, “With Revenge comes Terror, a jihadist attack on America” by S.P. Grogan. Within the story are Navy SEALS in action, sleeper cells activated and a race to stop an explosive countdown. Romance, bombs, and toxic poison are only a few of the heart-pounding speed bumps towards stopping the terrorists.

“With Revenge comes Terror, a jihadist attack on America” is available as hardback and published on most Ebook platforms including among others: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo and Smashwords.com.

Grogan is the author of other historic novels: “Vegas Die”, “Captain Cooked” and the 2015 “Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge”. www.spgrogan.com

For more information:
Addison & Highsmith Publishers
840 S. Rancho Dr. #4-337
Las Vegas, NV 89106
For author interviews email publisher: addisonhighsmith@gmail.com

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