S.P. 'Stephen' Grogan enjoys writing and sees each creation as much a 'thinking game' rather than trapped in the rut of expected standardized plotting. A former magazine editor, and past winner of the Shubert Fellowship in Playwriting, since 2008, he has had three novels published, and it is the uniqueness in his craft that has captured a growing fan base.


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People ask if I have a niche or specialty in writing. I consider myself at best a storyteller who likes to intersperse historical curiosity and plotting within, i.e., old mobsters, Hawaiian royalty, and Middle East news events (now past). Play on words and the pun is my humor and historic irony fascinates me. I am a believer that the past can offer insight on making possible future actions. Currently, I am cooking up a tiki noir story based in 1946 Honolulu and another project is a fictionalized biography set in the American Revolution, both due out in 2015. And as I enlarge my social media presence you will find that I like to take a lifetime of ‘renaissance’ experiences and serve up plates of free advice and wisdom. Munch away.
S.P. Grogan

Stephen Grogan Award Winning American Author

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King